Meals on the road

Meals on the road. Often people ask what we eat while on a long road trip. My answer to that is usually ‘the same as we eat at home’. Our motorhome has a full stove with three gas hot plates and one electric. It has a separate grill and oven below. Whatever I can cook at home, I can cook on the stove/oven in the motorhome.

What about a microwave? Well, we did have a microwave but as it could only be used when on 240v power (ie a caravan park with power) and we choose to free camp most of the time, the microwave just did not get used. We did use it to store our bread. Eventually we took the microwave out and my cabinet-maker son-in-law has fitted a cupboard door to the space. Now I have a fabulous extra cupboard above our fridge.

Our recent trip in June/July 2022 was to The Red Centre visiting Broken Hill, Port Augusta, Woomera, Coober Pedy, Alice Springs, the West MacDonnell Ranges, Uluru & Kata Tjuta, Kings Canyon and The Riverland. We were away for six weeks. We were traveling with our daughter and her three children who travelled in their 4WD and caravan. During the planning stage of our trip we decided that we would take it in turns to provide the meal for dinner and we would do our own breakfasts and lunches. This worked really well.

Our daughter carries a Weber BBQ in her van so we made good use of that too. We carry a Biji-Barbi and it gets a lot of use when we free camp and can have a campfire.

Here is our dinner menu for the six weeks.

Week 1
– BBQ sausages in bread (cooked on Biji-Barbi)
– Tacos & Nachos
– Spaghetti Bolognese
– Chicken Burgers
– Lamb roast (cooked in Weber), gravy and roast veggies
– Shepherds Pie (has lots of veggies)
– Chicken Kiev & salad

Week 2
– Tuna Mornay (has lots of veggies) & Rice
– Beef Burgers (cooked on Weber)
– Lamb chops (cooked on Weber), Boiled potatoes with coleslaw, cheese & sour cream, corn on the cob
– Beef casserole (cooked in crockpot)
– Pasta Bolognese
– Dinner out at the Alice Springs Show
– Southern Fried Chicken Burgers with coleslaw and tangy dressing

Week 3
– Apricot Chicken & Rice (cooked in crockpot) & Rice
– BBQ sausages, chicken kebabs (cooked on Biji-Barbi), Boiled potato & salad
– Chicken Schnitzels, Gravy, Mash & Broccoli
– Beef Stroganoff, Rice & mixed veggies
– BBQ Steak, Corn on the cob, Mash, Broccoli
– Chicken Pasta Bake
– BBQ Lamb Steaks, corn on the cob, baked potato

Week 4
– Tacos & Nachos
– Lamb Roast (cooked in Weber), gravy and roast veggies
– Spaghetti Bolognese
– Beef Burgers
– Dinner out at Yulara
– Chicken Enchiladas
– BBQ Lamb steaks, chunky chips and corn on the cob

Week 5
– Dinner out at Kings Canyon
– Chicken Kiev with potato & mixed veggies
– Chicken & Mushroom Risotto (cooked in crockpot)
– BBQ Sausages & Rissoles, Potato bake and veggies
– Salmon & Veggie Pasta Bake
– Takeaway Fish & Chips in Port Pirie (awesome)
– Macaroni Bolognese

Week 6
– Duck Soup (courtesy of our friend George), Marinated Lamb chops (cooked on Biji-Barbi), Boiled potato, corn on the cob
– Crumbed steak, gravy, mash & veggies
– Dinner out for Ben’s birthday in Renmark
– Beef burgers
– Beef stroganoff & rice, veggies
– BBQ Honey soy chicken steaks, baked potato & pumpkin, corn on the cob

Breakfasts consisted of tea/coffee & toast, cereal, scrambled eggs & bacon, fried eggs & sausages.
Lunches were a variety including sandwiches, toasties, wraps, salads and leftovers.

On that trip I also cooked a Chocolate Coconut Slice three times so we always had a ‘nice thing’ for after dinner. 6 year old Maddie was my enthusiastic kitchen helper who got to lick the bowl!

And, of course, we carry ice-cream so Ice-cream in a Cone was a popular dessert.


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