On the 22nd January 2016 Richard and I finally achieved a long held dream of owning our own motorhome.  I had been researching motorhomes since we first hired one for a 3 week trip around Tassie with four of our good friends in 2008.  We had such a great time on that trip that we really wanted to be able to do more motorhome travel around this great country of ours. 

A 6 week trip in a motorhome in the USA in 2014 with Richard’s brother and his partner visiting 6 states and over 4000 miles cemented the idea even more.

Our dream was realised when, after the sale of one of our businesses in December 2015, we found the ideal motorhome via the Members Market of the Campervan & Motorhome Club of Australia (CMCA).  It looked too good to be true but we contacted the seller and after a bit of back and forth emailing photos and details we decided to purchase it.  We were like little kids in a candy store, we were so excited.

In 2020 we retired from work. Richard finished up in July and Jenny finished in September. This means we were free to do more motorhoming and travel in the future so watch this space!

This blog is about our adventures and I will add to it over time as we travel about.  I write mainly to record our travels but I hope you also enjoy the read!


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