Home again – what an adventure!

What a glorious day we woke to on our final day of this epic journey to The Red Centre and Back. There wasn’t a cloud in the blue sky and the sun was shining brightly.

At the request of the kids I cooked scrambled eggs & bacon for breakfast and we enjoyed it seated at the dinette in the motorhome. It’s a bit squashy but we manage to fit all six of us in.

There was lots of happy chatter over breakfast about our recent adventures and what we enjoyed about the trip. Everyone had mixed feelings about going home. I usually feel the same at the end of a trip. One part of me just wants to keep travelling and the other can’t wait to get home.

9 degrees and sunny, what a lovely day it was to be travelling. The Sturt Highway is a very busy one with lots of B Doubles and road trains. It is the major road connecting Sydney with Adelaide and Brisbane via the Newell Highway. Some sections of the road were in a shocking condition with huge holes on the edges that have been temporarily repaired. Clumps of cotton lined the sides of the road. Cotton harvest must have been recent. All the paddocks were lush and green. It was great to see the countryside looking so good.

After an uneventful trip we arrived at the riverside town of Darlington Point where we crossed the Murrumbidgee River. The river was very full and town beach was fully submerged. Darlington Point has a Public Dump Point and we often make use of it coming home from a trip. There are also rubbish bins and a toilet block in the park. We both pulled up to use the dump point. That’s one less thing to do when we arrive home.

Darlington Point is only 29km from our house and, in no time at all, we were pulling into our driveway. It was good to see that the council had added some gravel to our atrocious road while we’d been away. Mind you it still had some rather big potholes!

What an adventure we’d had. 6 weeks, 4 states, 6,239 kilometres, so many amazing places we’d visited. Now it was back to school for Katie and the children and back to retired life for us. Better get the motorhome cleaned and ready for our next journey, wherever that may be.

Wow, just wow!

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