Who takes grandchildren camping?

We do!

On many occasions we have taken one or more of our 7 grandchildren away on a trip in the motorhome with us. Each year in January our large extended family get together for a week of waterskiing and catching up. In 2023 we were expecting some 72 family members to make the trek to ‘The Dam”. How epic is that?

For the last few years one grandchild has traveled with us on the Friday and camped with us overnight before continuing on our journey to ‘The Dam’ and meeting up with the rest of the family. This year it was our 6 year old grandson Henry’s turn and boy, was he one excited boy when we set of from home in the morning. How lovely it is to see excitement in children!

He arrived at our house bright and early with his bag, books, drink bottle and teddy all set for the big adventure of going in the motorhome with Gran and Pa.

I think he was a bit disappointed that we weren’t ready to leave and we didn’t drive out the gate until 10.30am.

It’s some 460km from our home to ‘The Dam’ at Grabine Lakeside State Park situated on Wyangala Dam in the central west of NSW. We don’t tend to travel that far in one day so we like to leave the day before everyone else and take our time getting there. Most of the others arrive at ‘The Dam’ on the Saturday.

Last year we must have left earlier because we made it to Gunning by lunch time and ended up camping at Bigga Recreation Ground however, because of our late start we arrived in Gunning late in the afternoon and decided to make camp at the Gunning Showground.

Gunning Showground is one of two free camps in that lovely historic town. The other is at Barbour Park next to the creek and close to the town swimming pool however we like the open spaces at the Showground. There is no power but water taps are scattered around the site. We don’t use the amenities but passed them by on the way in.

It was a busy campground with some 20 RV’s of all shapes and sizes from C class motorhomes like ours, a whizbanger, a coaster, a variety of caravans and a tent. It’s a large area so there is room to spread out.

As soon as we pulled up Henry was bursting to try out the adventure playground and fitness equipment. There’s also a small skate park next to the playground. That needed to be tried out too.

What to cook for a 6 year old? I asked him yesterday what his favourite was and the reply “nuggets and chips” so nuggets and chips it was. Glad to say the meal was eaten with much gusto and lots of lively chatter.

While Pa settled in with his book after dinner I showed Henry how we have a quick shower in the motorhome by wetting all over, turning off the taps, washing all over with soap then rinsing off. The end result one lovely clean boy who quickly jumped up on the bed with Pa. A movie was chosen and while I was typing this blog the sounds of Despicable Me 3 played in the background.