Kingston SE RV Park

Wow Kingston SE, you have outdone yourself! Their RV Park is the best RV Park we have ever seen. It is right on the beachfront, walking distance to the Jetty, the Main Street, the Cape Jaffa Lighthouse and more.

The RV Park is for self-contained vehicles only and offers 72 hours for just $10. There is a parking meter that produces a timed ticket that you need to display on your windscreen.

There is a toilet block and a children’s playground in the park close by.

Potable water is available, multiple rubbish bins are provided and there is a Dump Ezy Dump Point. Grey water must be contained and not let out on the ground. A Ranger does a regular drive by to ensure people are doing the right thing. You can have an off the ground fire out of fire season. There is even free WiFi and an information bay with a map of the town.

The RV Park is flat, grassy and has been lovingly landscaped. It is a huge area so there is room for lots of campers without being on top of each other. Plenty of room for big rigs. For those who wish to stay longer in Kingston SE there is a caravan park further along the beach.

Well done Kingston SE!