90 Mile Beach, Victoria

90 Mile Beach is one of those natural wonders. It is one of the longest uninterrupted beaches in the world. 90 Mile Beach starts in Port Albert, Victoria and heads north-eastwards just over 151 kilometres (94 mi) in length, to the man-made channel at Lakes Entrance.

The golden sand dunes separate the Gippsland Lakes on one side from Bass Straight on the other. I walked along the beach and let the crashing waves cover my feet and that water is cold! Straight off Bass Straight. The Gippsland Lakes are the largest inland water system in the Southern Hemisphere and are 7 times the size of Sydney Harbour.

90 Mile Beach is famous for its gorgeous summer-patrolled beaches, walking, whale and dolphin spotting, and beach fishing.

We arrived at our lovely camp from the village of Seaspray after heading south from Sale in Gippsland. We followed Shoreline Drive until we came to Camp 10 that was suitable for our motorhome. There are 19 free camp sites along the road from Paradise Beach to Seaspray. Seaspray also has a lovely caravan park. We thought we might have to stay there if we couldn’t find a camp where we could fit.

Many of the camp sites are only suitable for small vehicles as they have overhanging trees and vegetation making the tracks in to the camps very narrow. Too small and narrow for our 3.2m high motorhome.

Eventually we found Camp 10 and it was perfect. No overhanging trees and a great flat spot for us to park. We quickly set up camp and went for a long walk along the gorgeous beach.

The remains of the wreck of the Trinculo were a little way along the beach. Such an amazing story. Check out the story on the info board below.

The walk along the beach was magic. So many shells, cuttlefish, sponges and other flotsam were washed up on the beach. People were beach fishing in the distance. The southerly was pushing the waves onshore and they crashed loudly as the broke over the sand bar. I was looking forward to sleeping with that beautiful sound. Who else loves the sound of the ocean?