Last day in Renmark, SA

It was a relaxing, reading day on our last day at Renmark staying at the Big4 Caravan Park. Our daughter, Katie, had a uni day and spent the day working in the motorhome where she could connect to the RV Wifi. Education has certainly changed since we left school in the 70’s. Fancy being able to go to uni online AND be away on holidays! The kids spent the day reading, scooting and playing with other kids in the park.

Renmark is large town situated in the eastern Riverland district of South Australia. It has a population of around 7,490, however if you also count the population in Paringa, on the other side of the river, it jumps up to over 10,000. Renmark has quite a good shopping district and a good selection of cafes, wineries, a distillery and a brewery.

Renmark has one of the most beautiful river frontages of all the towns along the Murray and the town has made good use of it with extensive parklands and walking/cycling trails. You can walk/cycle from the Big4 along the river to reach the town centre. You can hire boats and houseboats to explore the river or take a cruise on the historic paddle steamer PS Industry. The river is popular for fishing, kayaking, water skiing and other water sports.

Renmark is only some 250km from South Australia’s capital, Adelaide, and that makes it poplar for weekend getaways. We met a young family staying in the park who make frequent trips from Adelaide to Renmark throughout the year.

The Riverland plays an important role in the agricultural industry for fruits such as citrus, grapes, olives, stone fruit as well as some 20% of Australia’s almond trees. There are over 900 wine grape growers in The Riverland and 323 citrus orchards. Because of this The Riverland is a Fruit Fly Exclusion Zone and no fruit or fruiting vegetables can be brought in to the Riverland. There are quarantine bins where you can dispose of your produce and hefty fines can be dealt out for those that bring in the banned products. The Fruit Fly exclusion zone continues into the Victorian and NSW Riverland as well. Outbreaks of Fruit Fly can have millions of dollars of impact on farmers so it is up to everyone to do the right thing and either eat your fruit before entering the exclusion zone or dispose of it in the bins.

We’ve been through Paringa and Renmark many times over the years as the Sturt Highway runs through them. The Sturt Highway is the main route from Sydney to Adelaide. Although we’ve passed that way many times we’ve never stayed in Renmark before and we did enjoy our 3 day stay at the Big4, although we would probably not have chosen the Big4 if we were travelling on our own. However for traveling with children it’s a great place to camp.

It was my turn to cook and for our evening meal I packed up a basket and we headed to the riverside to make use of one of the free gas BBQ’s scattered around the park. Right next to the BBQ was a large picnic table and we set the table with a tablecloth (doesn’t everyone?) and put out all the makings for hamburgers. Everyone could make their own burger with the fillings they liked. Pa cooked up burgers, bacon & eggs on the BBQ.

What a lovely dinner it was. The family of swans paid a visit too.

Sunset on the Murray River, Renmark

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