Balranald Weir

What a magic spot but I guess we stayed at the right time. It was July 2022 after there’d been lots of rain and everywhere was green, lush grass. The river was in flood with the weir completely under water. Some of the nearby paddocks were also under water however the camp sites next to the weir were high and dry.

There is a 4km dirt road that leads off the Sturt Highway 5km west of the town of Balranald. The road is a good quality dirt road with a few minor corrugations. There were a couple of spots that looked like they might be boggy if it’s wet or raining.

There are multiple spots to camp near the weir but the main camp is to the right of the weir. There is a picnic table and fireplace. You need to bring your own wood as there was not much lying around. The camp site is flat and you can park without being under one of those huge River Red Gums.

There is room for all types of campers. Even a big rig would fit.


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