Lara Wetlands to Longreach

It was an interesting day the day we left Lara Wetlands and headed to Longreach. Lara is only 28km south of Barcaldine and as we got back onto the highway and went in that direction we were amazed at how many RV’s were on the road. RV’s of all descriptions. Caravans old and new, camper trailers towed by 4WD’s, whizzbangers, and motorhomes of all sizes. It seems that Australia is on the move and they are all heading to the Outback.

As we drove through Barcaldine we were astonished to see a line of about 20 RV’s waiting to fill up with fuel. Luckily we didn’t need any and drove right by. We didn’t stop in Barcy as we plan to come back that way after we’ve been north to Lawn Hill so we will check out their little town on the way back.

It was a very overcast morning when we left Lara and it started to sprinkle lightly as we drove out on the dirt. By the time we passed Barcy it really started coming down and it poured all the way to Longreach.

We had some tours booked for the next few days in Longreach so we needed to find somewhere to stay. I searched online and was only able to get a spot at the Tourist CP for one night for the next night so we thought we’d call in and check. When we turned into the street where the park is there was another line of RV’s. After waiting patiently for a turn at the counter we found that the site we had booked online was the only one they have that can fit us and it was only available for the one night. OK that was the next night sorted. Now to find somewhere for this night. And it was still raining!

We drove out to Apex Riverside Park only to find it full already and the overflow parking on the other side of the road was mud. We watched as a car and van were being towed out of being bogged and there was another 4WD bogged too. We couldn’t park there!

Back into town and both the caravan parking car parks were full of people and they all look like they were camping for the night. And it was still raining!

We spent the afternoon at the Qantas Founders Museum where we had lunch in their cafe, visited the museum and did the Airpark Tour. This tour takes you into the large covered area with a guide to show you through the four planes on display. They are a DC3, a 747, a ‘Connie’ or Super Constellation and a 707 private jet. The tour was really good and we learnt a bit about the history of Qantas and each plane then we got to go inside each one. I loved the furnishings in the private jet. Now that’s the way to fly! It even had a bedroom and flash ensuite bathroom.

Following the tour we spent more time checking out the museum until we were kicked out because they close at 4pm! And it was still raining!

We set off again to see if we could find somewhere to park for the night. I had a bright idea and we found the Showground. I called the caretaker who said to call the council. I did that only to be told that we couldn’t camp there as they have a big function there on the Saturday. Looked like we’d have to stealth camp.

We had tickets for the Luminescent Longreach show at the Qantas Founders Museum so back we went, parked in their carpark and went to the show. I recommend this audio visual show if you are in Longreach. It is world class. It only goes for 25 minutes but you are engaged from the minute it started until it finishes. Fabulous show.

We went back to the motorhome and sat around and waited until the second show finished and those people all left then we just stayed in the carpark for the night. May as well stealth camp in a tarred car park than have to find somewhere else. The rain finally stopped about 9.30pm so we hoped that would be it and the roads will have a chance to dry out.


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