Easter School Holidays – Camping in our paddock

After spending a couple of weeks over Easter in the Snowy Mountains we came home to glorious autumn weather. It’s a lovely time of the year in the Riverina. We usually have sunny warm days and cold nights. Trees are changing colour and starting to lose their leaves for winter.

Our daughter and her three kids were keen to do a camping trip in their van and swags and we racked our brains as to where we could go just for a couple of days. The solution……….camping in our own paddock!

We live on a 7 acre hobby farm. The front 3 acres is our large farm garden and the back is divided into a couple of paddocks. Our paddocks consist of pasture that we mow regularly and at this time of year they are all lovely and green…..makes for a great camp spot!

Katie and the kids arrived with their little van and quickly set up camp. The kids set up their swags on a large mat and we set up the motorhome alongside. There we spent the next couple of days and 2 nights camping. What fun!

We had a bonfire the first night burning off a pile of prunings we’d been adding to over the last couple of years and we also made use of our little Kings fire pit. Excellent for cooking spuds in foil and baked bean & cheese jaffles for lunch.

What did your family do in the school holidays?


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