16 Guidelines for Life

I picked up a leaflet while visiting the Great Stupa of Universal Compassion and it just resonated with me. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if everyone lived by these guidelines. I’ll share them below.

  1. HUMILITY – I am willing and able to learn from others
  2. PATIENCE – I have a calm and spacious mind
  3. CONTENTMENT – I enjoy who I am and what I have
  4. DELIGHT – I rejoice in the good fortune of others
  5. KINDNESS – I am friendly, caring and considerate
  6. HONESTY – I act with transparency and fairness
  7. GENEROSITY – I give without expecting anything in return
  8. RIGHT SPEECH – I speak with insight and sensitivity
  9. RESPECT – I honour people with a deeper understanding and experience of life
  10. FORGIVENESS – I let go of resentment and anger towards myself and others
  11. GRATITUDE – I acknowledge and repay the kindness of others
  12. LOYALTY – I am good-hearted and dependable in all relationships
  13. ASPIRATION – I seek a fulfilling way of life that avoids causing harm
  14. PRINCIPLES – I develop sincere and stable inner values
  15. SERVICE – I help and benefit others in whatever way I can
  16. COURAGE – I accept responsibilities and challenges with a calm determination

    from http://www.compassionandwisdom.org

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