Our visit to the Caravan & Camping Leisure Show, Canberra

We arrived safely at the EPIC Campground in Canberra. After checking in we found our grassy site and set up camp. Richard commented on how the place really needed a good mow as the grass was very long but due to the amount of rain the ACT had received lately it had probably been difficult to find a dry time to mow the grass.

We set up camp with our awning out with our privacy screen added. We only do this if we know we are going to stay in the one place for a few days. We arrived on a Thursday and the plan was to stay for three nights.

We were both extremely tired after our drive on the potholed Nerriga Road. Having to concentrate on not hitting potholes and constantly dodging potholes without hitting oncoming traffic was very exhausting. We were very relieved to finally arrive in Canberra and be able to pull up and stop.

Our dear friend Mandie, who lives in Canberra, joined us for dinner after she finished work for the day and I cooked a pork fillet with roast veggies for our dinner. Mandie wanted to go to the Camping Show with us so we arranged to meet at 9am on Saturday morning. Mandie could park her car next to the motorhome and we could walk to the show which was to be held at the Showgrounds next door.

The next morning (Friday) we had a leisurely start to the day and decided we’d check out the camping show. It rained on and off during the day however we were able to see most of the show. We were surprised at the lack of motorhomes on show. There was really only Explorer, a couple of Jayco’s, and Winnebagos (made by Apollo). The big names like Avida and Sunliner were not there at all. This might have something to do with the incredibly long wait for your build if you order one now. Up to 3 years in some cases! However there were lots of caravans, camper trailers and whizbangers to look at as well as lots of small stalls selling all sorts of gear relating to the camping lifestyle.

We had an enjoyable day wandering around the show and were quite happy to have an early night to rest our weary legs.

The fun for the day was watching our neighbours at the campground in their Fiat motorhome try to leave. Fiat’s are front wheel drive and they only went about 6 feet before they were bogged. As soon as their front wheels went down into the shallow dip next to the tar road they were stuck. Their front wheels just spun around and around. A friendly neighbour with a Landcruiser came and had to pull them out onto the tar road. We are still not sure why they didn’t just back out the same way they came in. Then their drive wheels would have stayed on the higher ground. Here’s hoping we can get out when it’s our turn!

OMG the next day (Saturday) was the day we were supposed to meet Mandie to go to the camping show. It had started to rain during the night and it was bucketing down in the morning. After a short discussion with Mandie we decided to not go that day and to go on Sunday instead. Wise decision as it rained constantly all day Sunday. At times the rain was so heavy we couldn’t hear our TV!

We spent the day reading books and watching Netflix. It was a forced relaxation day.

Sunday dawned and the rain had gone. The sun even made a few short appearances during the day. Mandie arrived on time and we set off on foot to visit the Camping Show. I was a little disappointed to learn that our entry on Friday had used up our tickets and we had to purchase new ones. I felt this was very bad marketing on behalf of the show as the tickets purchased online have all three dates on them. They do not say that they are only for one day. That was a bit annoying!

Anyway new tickets purchased whilst we were standing at the gate and we were allowed in. We spent the next 4 hours wandering around and checking out the various caravans, camping trailers, ebikes, and other camping stores until we’d all seen enough.

We said a sad farewell to our dear friend and I decided I’d try out the new tram (Light Rail) that has now been installed in Canberra. Richard decided to have a reading afternoon.

I think I’ve said many times before that I quite like public transport especially trams. The Light Rail was as I expected. It was clean, efficient and moved quickly along the route. Quite a few passengers made use of the ability to bring your bike on board. There are four bike racks in each tram. If you have a Seniors Card you can buy a day ticket for $4.80 and hop on and off as many times as you like. There are ticket vending machines at each stop.

I was in the CBD in no time from the stop at EPIC and Racecourse. I spent a lovely couple of hours wandering around Civic and window shopping. I do love a good window shop. Richard finds it hard to believe that I can spend hours window shopping, without buying a thing, and it makes me feel good. Like most men, if he goes shopping he’s on a mission to buy a particular thing and once it’s purchased its time to go home. I don’t shop like that!

Coffee & cake with a view to Mt Ainslie, Canberra

Back at camp we packed up our outside gear and awning while they were dry. It was time to head for home the next morning.


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