An evening in Cambewarra

Another of Richard’s cousins lives in the village of Cambewarra just north of Nowra and had invited us to visit so we left our camp at Holiday Haven Huskisson Beach and headed northwards through Nowra.

Traffic was made worse by the amount of roadworks involved with the new bridge going in across the Shoalhaven River. Once completed the new bridge and road widening will significantly reduce the traffic bottleneck through Nowra. At the moment all north/south traffic must pass over the existing two narrow bridges.

A quick stop for fuel and groceries in Bomaderry on the northern side of the river was made before driving out to Cambewarra. It is a very scenic area with Cambewarra Mountain in the background and very green farm fields.

Arriving at our cousins we quickly set up camp in their driveway and settled in for a read.

The cousins arrived home from their busy morning propagating mangroves for Shoalhaven Riverwatch. This vital community group aims to improve the health of the Shoalhaven River by planting thousands of mangroves that help reduce pollution, provide habitat, capture and store green house carbon and prevent the banks eroding.

We spent a wonderful evening catching up on family news and enjoying delicious home-cooked food seated outside on their wonderful deck overlooking the beautiful garden.

I’m always inspired after visiting their garden to do more in ours however I have to remind myself that what grows well on the coast does not always do well 600kms inland!


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