Exploring Boodoree National Park

The next day we rode our bikes to our cousins place in Vincentia and we all piled in their car to head out to visit Booderee National Park. Booderee National Park is one of only three parks in Australia managed by traditional owners, the Wreck Bay Community.

We spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon exploring the lovely coastal park including the Botanic Gardens, checking out Jervis Bay Village, Cabbage Patch Campground and the Historic Cape St George Lighthouse.

Cabbage Patch Campground looked like a lovely bush camp. One to remember for the future.

The sand in Jervis Bay is claimed to be the whitest sand in the world and it certainly is white. Apparently this is due to the amount of quartz in the sand.

Here’s a fun fact for you. Part of the Jervis Bay Area includes Jervis Bay Territory which is a unique piece of land that is a territory of the Commonwealth of Australia. It is administered by the ACT government and cars have ACT number plates. The local police are Australian Federal Police.

The territory was declared in 1915 when it was decided that our national capital needed a sea port. Jervis Bay is the closest sea to Canberra so NSW handed over a small part of the peninsula and shortly afterwards the Naval College HMAS Creswell was opened.

There are only about 400 residents in the territory and most of those work in defence and live in one of the two small villages Jervis Bay Village or Wreck Bay Village.

After a lovely explore we got back on our bikes and called into Vincentia shops to collect some supplies before heading back to camp to prepare for a night out.

Another cousin , who also lives in the area, was having a birthday and she had arranged for a group of friends to get together. We were invited as well. We had a fabulous night celebrating, meeting interesting new people and listening to some great folk music.


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