How do we get out of here?

Have you ever driven your motorhome or RV into a spot and wondered how on earth you were going to get back out? We have.

We spent a lovely three days camped in the driveway at our cousins place on the Central Coast of NSW. Their home is on a hill overlooking a lovely dam. To get there you negotiate a winding, narrow tar road. The area contains lots of homes on small acreages. Just going along the road was a challenge due to the overhanging trees and the narrow road with bush on either side.

Our cousins driveway is a long gravel one which, fortunately, was firm underneath. We’d had so much rain recently across the state that the ground everywhere else was soggy and saturated.

On the morning of our departure, with the motorhome all packed up, it was time to try to turn around. This was expected to be a very tricky manoeuvre making sure that our rear drive wheels stayed on the firm gravel and didn’t end up on the grass. Trying to do this with our large overhang was expected to be difficult.

I was afraid if they went on the grass the motorhome would sink and we’d be bogged for sure. We’d never get a tow truck in there to pull us out!

With me at the rear and our cousin at the front directing, Richard was able to complete the 180 degree turn in 4 moves. I was a bit stunned as I was expecting it to take many more turns. Wow, Richard is a legend!

We could now continue our meander.


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