Hogwash Bend and a visit from old friends

Gotta love a good free camp! Hogwash Bend is a lovely big spot right on the Murray River. It is located between Morgan and Waikerie. There’s lots of space for lots of campers.

I spent most of the day sorting photos and updating this blog. It can be quite time consuming but I do enjoy it. Richard spent the day with his nose in a book.

Katie spent most of the day doing uni work online as we had reasonable reception. She had a very productive day.

The kids played, read books and coloured in. Later in the day I gave them a couple of sets of Grip Ball games I’d bought for them to keep in their van. The next hour or so was spent paying GripBall.

Our big excitement for the day was seeing a large Perentie trying to find bird eggs. Katie was alerted by birds screeching and flying around a tree. She wondered what they were screeching at. Turns out it was a large lizard looking for feed of bird eggs. Isn’t it a beautiful creature?

Late in the afternoon we had a visit from old friends Kathy & George who live in Waikerie. We hadn’t seen them since we came through on our Murray River Run in 2020.

George brought his home made Duck soup for us to try and we had that for our entree. Ben loved it so much he had three bowls and didn’t want any dinner! The soup was so good we declared it good enough for any fine French restaurant. A big thank you to George for his duck soup.

We use our Biji-Barbi to cook some delicious marinated in mint and rosemary lamb chops and had boiled potato and corn on the cob to go with it.

We sat around the campfire until all the children went to bed and eventually had to say farewell to George and Kathy. We had all enjoyed seeing them very much.


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