Back to Port Augusta, SA

Leaving our little camp by the salt lake mid morning we set off towards the south again. We passed a few more salt lakes and just before Glendambo was a lake very close to the road on the left and this one was full of water. Glendambo is a dot on the map and consists of a couple of roadhouses and a pub. It has a huge windmill out the front. it looks like a popular spot for the big road trains to stop for a break.

Just south of Glendambo the Stuart Highway crosses over The Ghan railway line. There is a huge man made hill enabling the road to go over the top of the tracks. I’d love to see the train as it went underneath!

55kms from Pimba we came across a car, with a Jayco Camper on the back, pulled off the side of the road. It looked like they’d blown a tyre. We pulled up and Katie pulled up behind us and we walked back to check if they needed any help. We found Des & Jen and their three kids stranded as they’d blown a tyre and the remains of the shredded tyre had wrapped around the axle and they had no means of getting it off. Des was on his phone on hold with RACV to see if they could arrange something.

We got their phone numbers and said we’d call in at Spuds Roadhouse at Pimba and see if anyone there could help. They were very appreciative as we were the only ones who’d stopped to check on them.

We drove to Pimba and as soon as we got service I called Des to see how they got on with RACV. He said they were not particularly helpful and quoted $1,200 to come get them and tow them to Port Augusta and it would take some 6 hours to get to them. 6 hours sitting on the side of the very busy Stuart Highway….not ideal.

Fortunately a very kind diesel mechanic named Mitch had pulled up to see if they were OK and he had the tools and skills to remove the hub and remove the shredded tyre rubber, put the hub and spare tyre back on. They were able to get back on the road with Mitch following them to make sure the tyre doesn’t overheat. What a kind bloke and what a good outcome for Des, Jen and the kids. Sort of restores your faith in humanity when you hear off kind acts like that. Makes you grateful.

On the way to Pimba we passed Lake Hart and I insisted we pull in to have a look as we’d driven straight past on the way north. Lake Hart is a huge salt lake and it was full of water. The sun was shining and the water shimmered in the sunlight. It is hard to describe and my photos don’t do it justice. It’s a beautiful sight.

Lake Hart

The area around Pimba is gentle hills with low grasses and no trees or shrubs at all. Not a tree could be seen anywhere. There are huge salt lakes, some with water and others dried up.

The first sign of trees occurs some 30km south of Pimba where you come across the Woomera Pipeline. This is a water pipeline that supplies vital water to the town of Woomera.

We arrived in Port Augusta late in the afternoon and our first stop was at the car wash to wash the red dirt off our RV’s. It felt so good to wash it all off. Our rigs were sparkling clean again. We’d traveled 316km to reach Port Augusta from our overnight camp. We checked in to the Discovery Parks – Port Augusta where we’d stayed on our way north. It’s a lovely park with lots of the usual amenities including a powered site with water. We could clean and wash clothes after a couple of nights free camping.

We were pleased to see a car and camper pull in to the park. It was Des and Jen and their kids. They’d made it to Port Augusta and had already been to the tyre place and have two tyres to go on tomorrow. They should get home safely then. We were glad they’d arrived safely. You never know, that might be us one day!


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