A mouse in our grey water hose!!

We found a mouse in our grey water hose!

When we arrived at Ayers Rock Campground we had a powered site with water so we plugged in our power cord, attached our water hose to the tap and the other end to the motorhome and attached our grey water hose to the outlet. The other end I placed near a big bush.

The first few days everything was fine.

We came back from our night at the Field of Light Dinner and Katie informed us that there was water leaking from under the motorhome. I’d put on a load of washing before we’d left and the grey water tank had filled to overflowing. It was too dark to do anything about it so I’d look at it the following morning.

The next morning, before we had our showers, I went out to investigate why the grey water tank wasn’t draining. I checked the end of the hose near the bush and there didn’t look like any water had come out, the sand was dry.

Next I unattached the fitting from our outlet. Ewwww what was that sticking out of the outlet? I got a tent peg and used that to lever it out and discovered the body of a drowned mouse. Gross! The mouse must have crawled up the length of the grey water hose until it arrived at the valve and couldn’t go any further. It must have drowned there and blocked the hose so no water could get through.

Once the mouse body was cleared the grey water tank outlet was working again so I reattached the hose, opened the valve and, hey presto, grey water came out the end and watered the big bush again.

I poured a big bucket of water with disinfectant down the shower to kill any germs the mouse had left behind then disposed of the body of the mouse on the sand dune behind us. Maybe a bird would eat it, or the ants!


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