More of Gippsland & the broken fuel cap

We packed up our camp at the Lakes Entrance Recreation & Camping Reserve. We had thoroughly enjoyed our three night stay in the park. We were camped right next door to the caretakers who live on site in their motorhome. Darren came out as we were leaving and we complimented him on the great job he does on keeping the park so neat and tidy.

We headed east to check out Lake Tyers before heading back through Lakes Entrance and across the Kalimna Bridge. At the top of the hill is a fabulous lookout across The Entrance and lakes. Check it out. What a view!

Continuing on we took a left turn at Swan Reach before the River Tambo bridge and followed the lovely river southwards to arrive at Metung.

What a gorgeous little village is Metung situated on a spit of land poking into the lakes. Metung has a lovely atmosphere with its well kept Village Green, many marinas full of lovely boats, the Yacht Club, the renowned Metung Hotel, lovely homes and holiday accomodation.

We stopped for a break and Richard just had to try a custard tart from the bakery while I went for a wander.

We left the lovely Metung, traveled back to Swan Reach then headed west through Bairnsdale and stopped in Sale to fill up with fuel. Our fuel cap was not working and we couldn’t lock it back onto the truck. Bummer. We called a local truck repair place who didn’t have one in stock but could get one overnight from Melbourne but suggested we try Repco or Bursons first, so off to Repco we went. While Richard was in Repco I called Bursons and the nice guy said to bring it around so he could have a look at it. Rich came out of Repco with the only one they had and it didn’t fit, so back in the MH to drive around to Bursons. Luckily they have a back entrance off a large carpark as there was no way we’d get a park in the busy street they front on to.

While I waited in the MH with fingers crossed Rich went in with our current fuel cap to see what they could do. No luck there either. What to do now?

We drove to the Brady’s Truck & Automotive who are an Iveco dealer. Fingers crossed they might have one on an old truck or otherwise we may have to order one. Looks like we’ll be staying in Sale tonight. Rich came out of Brady’s disappointed as they don’t have any and it would have to be ordered from Sydney and probably wouldn’t get here until Tuesday the following week. It was Friday. They did say to go to the Nissan dealer and try there so that was our next stop.

Tried Nissan and they couldn’t help but suggested we try the Ford dealer. We were getting to know Sale going from one place to the other!

The Ford dealer couldn’t help so with a rag stuffed in our filler cap to keep dust out we decided to find a camp.

We ended up at one of the best camp spots ever! We drove south to the village of Seaspray and onto Shoreline Drive. Shoreline Drive follows 90 Mile Beach along from Seaspray to Golden Beach. Along that stretch are 19 campsites. All the campsites are free and on a first come first served basis. There are some with pit toilets and some have rubbish bins but most are just little camps tucked into the coastal scrub between the road and the sand dunes. On the other side is 90 Mile Beach.

As we started at the Seaspray end of Shoreline Drive we came to no 19 first and we checked out each one until finally we came to no 10. It was the first one that we could drive into with the motorhome without scratching the sides or the roof on the low hanging branches. Many of the others were suitable for a car or even a car with a caravan or camper trailer. Our motorhome is just too tall and wide to fit.

However Camp 10 was perfect. We found a level spot with grass and we could hear the crashing waves across the dunes. There was a pathway through the dunes to get to the beach.

As soon as we had set up camp I headed off to the beach for a walk.

It wasn’t long before we were joined at Camp 10 by a caravan and a pop top camper. They were really nice people and joined us for a chat and a drink. I love this RV lifestyle where you get to m wet all sorts of people.

After our big day, we retired early and I think I was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.


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