Non-travel day & I made scones!

You’ve got to have a non-travel day every now and then and, as it was such a lovely camp at Victoria Falls, we all decided to stay put for another day. One of the other campers left in the morning however by 1.30pm another caravan had pulled up and set up on that spot.

How many of you use your oven in your RV? I’ve read heaps of forums and Facebook posts about people not cooking inside their RV. I cook inside all the time and this morning I made a batch of scones for morning tea. I thought they turned out all right. What do you think?

Kevin & Sally unhitched their vehicle so they could go for a drive to check out the falls. I enjoyed my bike ride out there yesterday. I’ve been updating this blog and might have a bit of a read this afternoon. Rich is having a reading day too. Our solar panels are charging well on this very sunny day so I got a load of washing done and used my Bamix to whip the cream for the scones. So glad we had the bigger inverter installed.

I’m cooking a lamb roast for dinner and it’s all prepped and ready to go in the oven later.

Lovely sunny day and the washing is on the line
Victoria Falls, Victoria

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