Last day at Carnarvon Gorge

We both got a lovely surprise in the morning. Tony called over with a small gift for us. It was a lovely card with a few sentences thanking us for our company and especially to the ‘master’ (Richard) for showing Tony how to light a campfire. How thoughtful. What a lovely young couple.

We packed up and left the lovely Takarakka Bush Retreat and headed into the NP again for a last walk in Carnarvon Gorge. This time we wanted to make it to Moss Garden.

It was very cool and overcast when we set off on the walk but by the time we returned a few hours later the sun had come out and it was quite hot.

We made it to Moss Garden and it was worth the walk. It is just a beautiful spot. The permanent creek tumbles over a little waterfall and water constantly drips from the limestone above making it a perfect spot for moss and ferns to grow. It is a very peaceful spot. We met another lovely couple on the boardwalk in Moss Garden and quickly discovered they are fellow motorhomers.

On the way back we came across a gorgeous python wriggling his way across the track and up the hillside. What a stunning creature.

Earlier we’d seen a couple of wallabies bounding away up the hillside.

After a 12km walk we were hot and sweaty by the time we arrived back at the motorhome. Time for a cool shower and change before driving back to the Wilderness Lodge to have some lunch. We’d heard that they have a French chef and the food was good. We were not disappointed. The food was good, the beer was cold and the French pastries were scrumptious. I definitely recommend a stop at this spot if you are in the area. Even just for coffee and a pastry.

Check out those French pastries!

We set off after our delicious lunch and our first stop was to drive into Sandstone Park to check out the camp area. Sandstone Park is a large private campground set on top of a ridge with 360 degree views. There is a loop road along the top with well marked out sites on either side. All the sites have amazing views. There is a dump point, rubbish bins and portaloos. John & Robyn that we’d met at Moss Garden were camped right on the end of the ridge with a fantastic view across to Moolyamber Gorge. We stopped for a chat and swapped phone details. We were very happy to be shown though their very lovely Latitude 27 motorhome.

We left the Carnarvon area and headed south again. The road is a wide tar road and there was quite a bit of traffic and a lot of road trains. The road surface is a bit of a roller coaster probably due to those huge heavy vehicles using it all the time. A little while later I received a message from Robyn including a picture she’d taken of our motorhome as we left Sandstone. How cool!

We arrived in the tiny town of Injune, We found the dump point near a huge truck stop. There was a huge paved area where road trains can park and manoeuvre to change trailers. I find that fascinating to watch.

We found a camp at the Injune Rodeo Grounds. This is a free camp and has a large area for campers to park and also has access to potable water. Injune also has a caravan park and low cost camping is available at the Showgrounds.


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