Boulia to Mt Isa

The countryside from Boulia is pretty much the same at the other side of Boulia. Lots of stones, flat plains, small creeks that you know are there by the line of trees, narrow tar road with occasional cattle grids.

Near Dajarra a long line of jump ups appeared on the horizon to the west and ahead of us. These jump ups rise up out of the flat plains below.

The narrow road is a much rougher road than the one to Bedourie and the cattle’s grids are very rough but we are still able to travel at about 9o0km/h on most stretches. Off course if a vehicle is coming the other way we slow right down and get onto to shoulder to let them past.

As we approached Dajarra we entered the low hills. The road went up and down over the low hills. This stretch had lots of steep gullies formed by flood waters. We came across two three trailer road trains going through this section. They were the first ones we’d seen since Longreach. They were both cattle trucks. We pulled right off onto the shoulder for those to go past and let them stay on the tar.

There were also a lot of Brahman cattle around that area. We travelled through the low hills for quite a way before entering the tiny community of Dajarra. Dajarra has a Roadhouse and a couple of streets of houses and not a lot else. There were a few Aboriginal people in the streets so we assumed it’s an Aboriginal community. Like everywhere on this journey there were RV’s parked everywhere and lined up to get fuel.

We didnt stop in Dajarra and continued on through the hills. The familiar domes of spinifex cover the rocky hillsides and we saw hundreds of red termite mounds. We both commented that this was pretty country compared to the flat stoney plains.


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