Big Red Bash 2021 – Day 2

The big event of the morning on Day 2 is the Drag Race. People pay to enter the Drag Race, get dressed up in drag, then run (or walk) from the start at the top of Big Red down to the finish line in The Plaza. Of course you have to walk up Big Red to get to the start line! There are prizes for the first three runners, the best three costumes and the best three groups of costumes. Some of the costumes were very creative. Four from our group participated and they looked fabulous. They were even selected in the top 50 and had to go up on stage at the end and parade in front of the whole crowd.

I climbed Big Red to get photos of our little group. Once the race started I ran down a bit further to get photos as they went by. Then I did it again, and again, and again until I caught up with them at the finish. My thighs were burning by the time I got to the bottom of Big Red. It’s hard work running downhill in the deep red sand!

It was all a lot of fun and raised $$$ for the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

The concert commenced this day with gates opening at 12 noon. We were all set up with our group by 12.30pm. Event organiser Greg Donovan welcomed everybody to day two followed by a short video of events and moments from the day before.

A special report was given by a guy from Queensland Health, who were there conducting Covid-19 tests. He let us know what symptoms to look for and to remind people to maintain social distancing, use the sanitiser and to let us know the good news that they hadn’t had a ‘positive’ test yet. Yay….we hoped it stayed that way.

It was another warm afternoon as we settled in to listen to the first artists up for the day, Vika & Linda. They rocked the Simpson with some new songs they’ve recorded whilst they haven’t been able to perform to live audiences.

Brian Cadd was next up. This guy might be getting old but he can still perform. His voice is not what it once was but, once a performer, always a performer. Brian Cadd has not changed his hair style since the sixties however his hair now is all white. While he was on stage there were lots of people on top of Big Red behind the stage including one guy flying a large kite. What an experience to be sitting here in the desert with amazing music and that incredible view of the giant sand dune that the festival is named after.

Brian Cadd was followed by another Aussie rock legend, Russell Morris. His voice sounds the same as it did back in the 70’s when I was in high school. I remember his music so well. He gave a great performance and I really enjoyed this one.

There was a large group a couple of rows in front of where we were sitting. Their whole group were wearing very distinctive bright pink Hawaiian shirts. One of the ladies, who I’m guessing would be in her 70’s, danced through the whole Russell Morris bracket. She’s a rocker from way back.

Chocolate Starfish were back for another set and this time they played their own music. Can’t say I liked it as much as when they did the covers the day before but that’s probably because I didn’t really know any of the songs.

Next up was Ross ‘The Boss’ Wilson, another old rocker. His performance was fabulous too as he sang many oldies.

As the sun was going down it was the turn for another Aussie legend, Glenn Shorrock. Glenn was the lead singer for the famous Aussie band Little River Band before going on to a successful solo career. He was also fabulous.

In between artists the Crackup Sisters organised games like tunnel ball, tug-o-war, performed on stage and generally kept the crowd entertained.

The sky put on an incredible sunset while we waited for the final act of the night. The one we’d come all this way for…..Paul Kelly. What can I say? What a show. It was every bit as good as I thought it was going to be. Paul Kelly’s distinctive sound rocked the Simpson. It was an amazing experience being in the audience for this great show. He finished his set and everybody kept cheering ‘more, more’. He came back on to the darkened stage alone and, lit by a single spotlight, Paul Kelly recited ‘Clancy of the Overflow’. There was a complete hush over the crowd. It was awesome. Then the band came back on and Paul Kelly sang, probably his most famous song, ‘Little Things’ to finish the set off. Wow, wow, wow.

We all meandered back to camp, thankful that our camp is so close, and settled around our campfire again. It had been another awesome day at The Big Red Bash.


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