Big Red Bash 2021 – Early Entry Day 2

We spent the day familiarising ourselves with Bashville. Some walked to the top of Big Red, others walked around the expanding camp sites, others walked to the sand dune behind our camp and Richard read his book.

I booked a ride on the helicopter for the next day. There are three seats in the chopper but the combined weight of the three passengers cannot exceed 230kgs. As Richard is 95kg and I’m 73kg in my boots that didn’t leave enough for another person unless they were a small 60kg so we paid for the three seats, $585 for a 12 minute ride. Expensive I know but it should be amazing to see Bashville from the air.

The Crackup Sisters Show was held in the morning at the Plaza in front of their ‘house’. These girls are from Winton in outback Queensland and put on a comedy show using their whip cracking, acrobatic and circus skills. They are very quick and brilliant at improvising. It was a funny show.

Catie stood in the queue for the Merchandise Tent for a couple of hours but she was able to get what everyone had ordered. A big thank you to Catie for being so patient and standing for such a long time.

Before we had left home our group had arranged to hold a ‘pot luck’ dinner. A group dinner where everyone contributed a meal to share. I had made lasagne. What a feast we enjoyed with such a great variety of delicious food. Our Makin’ Memories group are great cooks!


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