Apple TV in our Motorhome

On our recent trip following the Murray River and exploring the amazing Silo Art in Victoria we took our Apple TV with us. Neither of the 2 TV’s in our motorhome are SMART TV’s and in the past when we wanted to watch a movie or TV show on Netflix or Stan it was a complicated process to connect my iPad to the RV Wifi (on an old phone), connect it to the TV with an HDMI cable and then open Netflix app on the iPad and watch it on the TV.

The Apple TV has made this a much easier process. The Apple TV connects to the RV Wifi network and just plugs into the HDMI point on the TV. The power cord has to be plugged into either a 24V power point or the inverter power point. Then you just watch the Apple TV the same as you do at home. We found on this recent trip as long as we had at least one bar of mobile service we could watch something with no problem.

Our RV Wifi network is set up on an old iPhone that we had lying around the house. It has a data only SIM from Aldi installed which uses the Telstra network and we set up the phone as a hotspot for all our devices to connect to. This works quite well except the the hotspot does turn itself off if it is not being used and you have to reconnect again. For this reason I have purchased a Netgear Nighthawk M2 and will give this a try on our next trip. This should make it easier as we won’t have to connect to the hotspot all the time as the Nighthawk will continually broadcast. I will let you know how this works down the track.


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