More Silo Art at Waikerie

We found some more Silo Art in the Riverland town of Waikerie. Waikerie has a population of 2,684 and has long been regarded as the fruit capital of South Australia. Waikerie was established in 1894 when a group of 281 settlers were dropped off and started planting grapevines, citrus and stone fruit orchards. The town grew and is now one of the largest fruit processing operation in the Southern Hemisphere.

Waikerie is said to be named after the Aboriginal word for the Giant Swift Moth and means ‘many wings’.

Waikerie riverfront is a long section of the river where water sports of all kinds take place. It is a really popular water skiing spot and you can hire houseboats at Waikerie.

There is a caravan park but for those who like free camping, like us, there are numerous camping spots right on the rivers edge. We were fortunate to be able to stay in our friends front yard whilst in Waikerie. Thank you Kathy & George for hosting us. We really enjoyed our stay in your lovely town.

Camped in our friend’s front yard, Waikerie, SA

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